IT Procurement

Hardware Procurement

We have the hardware options to fit your budget and expectations. If you want us to build your system or design and procure one for you, our procurement services offers a complete line of hardware solutions.


We partner with leading manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo (IBM), Cisco, and so many others. We can identify and procure equipment within the following categories:

  • Components (Storage, Memory, Processors, Monitors, etc)
  • Networks (Switches, Routers, etc)
  • Systems (Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, etc)

We also provide after-sales technical support, standard or custom hardware configurations, maintenance, and repair. We’ll apply our expertise and experience to specify the right product for your applications, databases, and communications so you don’t unnecessarily spend time and money. We’re available to cost-effectively address your hardware needs!

Software Procurement

Investing in new technology requires knowledge of the products that will work best for your infrastructure, staff, and efficiency.


Our Software Procurement services can help in matching your company's IT needs with software that offer the best value and functionality.


We can assist you with the creation of a comprehensive purchasing process that will highlight your IT spending and resources.


With managed IT procurement and purchasing your company can see immediate upfront cost savings by purchasing services and licensing at the best price available.


We will help you navigate several technology vendors, and offers a whole range of support throughout the procurement cycle, including; consultation, configuration, installation, as well as:


Financing strategies, Lifecycle management strategies, Long-term IT asset procurement strategies, Standardizing equipment configurations, Vendor enhanced and extended support strategies.

Find out how our IT Procurement Services can reduce your IT spending